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Robert Daniel Ullmann

February 26th, 2010

Robert Daniel Ullmann

Well -
Here I am, trying to clog the interwebs with my images.
I started shooting a long time ago, when there were three controversies raging: was 35mm a viable film size (according to the guys who schlepped 4x5 and 2 1/4 cameras around it wasn't), were SLR photographers serious photographers or was that limited to rangefinder photographers (i.e.: Leica owners), and did women photographers see differently than men?
All of this is kind of funny in retrospect, if it weren't for the fact that all of the above was a form of chauvinism and classism.
This still reigns - only now it's the megapixel that rules.
When I started to go digital I used a Nikon DSLR that cranked out 6 megapixels, made fuzzy images with a yellow green cast and cost a lot. Fortunately I had borrowed it.
My next camera was an Olympus DSLR which had 8 megapixels and was way less money thatn the Equivalent Canon or Nikon...
After 30 + years of using Nikon film cameras I switched to Olympus (which made me a distinct minority at events, and raised a few eyebrow).
I wore that camera out and got a 10 megapixel Olympus...
Sure I'd love a Canon 5d...
I'd also love a Rolls Royce and a pony.
But it is not about the camera.
Any DSLR 8 megapixels and up can do wonderful stuff.

In any event the work you see here was shot using all kinds of cameras, films, lenses and lights.

All that matters in the end is the IMAGE.